shivani kumari tik tok biography

Hello friends, welcome to this blog post in today’s article, I am going to tell you about Shivani Kumari Biography First of all, let me tell you who is this girl @shivani_kumari321 is a Tiktok star who makes her home language videos and dance on Tiktok.

And shivani_kumari321 is the same for Tiktok. Friends tell me that Tiktok is a platform on which you can make short videos of your creativity and can be famous. @Shivani_kumari321 is also famous on Tiktok.

Biography & Lifestyle

About Her Stats

Name: Nickname  Shivani Kumari
Age 20 (as of 2020)
  Address Aryari Dibiyapur UP
  Height 5.3″
 Weight 45kg
Family Mother and two Sister
  Education 12th
 Boyfriend Not Known
  Famous For TikTok
 Shivani Kumari Birthday 18 September 2000
Heigh & Age

If I talk to Shivani Kumari, whose hands are 5 feet 3 inches in length, if following a plan, her body weight is about 52 kg.

About Tiktiok Star Shivani Kumari

Her name is Shivani Kumari and Her original name i.e. real name is Shivani Kumari, friend Shivani Kumari is the nickname Shivani Tick Talk. THer media is known as ShivaniKumari321 on the social media handle.

BirthDay: She was born on 18 September 2000, Shivani Kumari was born in the village of Ariyari in Auraiya district, tHer state lives in the country of North India. She lives on the same.
He does not have a father and has a brother among Her mother and four sisters in which three sisters are married and older sisters live with him.

What is 321 In Tiktok Id

Now there is no one to take care of the house, so Shivani keeps making tick-ticking videos and she loads videos of farming crops using her native language and she did her job and became a star overnight, that’s what No, there are 30 lakh followers all over India.

shivani kumari tik tok biography

Shivani Kumari raised 1.3 million followers in just 1 month, now her recent year has increased to 4 point 3 million by 2 June 2020 and her Instagram is booming and now more romantic and some romantic videos and good uploads People are being liked more and more by native language.

Due to which it is becoming more and more popular and further I find that their fruit is increasing day by day. She is making a place in the heart and is becoming 321 Tiktok stars and 141. 1 million stars.

Her video, Her video touches people’s hearts

Shivani Kumari is now making more romantic videos with Hindi songs. A boy is also making videos with him. Recently he has been gifted and honored by MLA Ji giving him 4 million.

Now that the paper of Twelfth Twelfth has been given, which is yet to be revealed, they have said that they will study further.
And Her dream is to join the army.

shivani kumari tiktok star

I checked a lot of platforms but have not yet tried to get my boyfriend, but as far as I can know, he has no boyfriend, if I get any such information in the future, I will Will update.

She says that her first video which went viral, which she has made of Hans Hans, now I will show the story of the video. Started today and have reached the stage of success, now no one can stop them from becoming big stars.

Shivani Kumari’s village is Arriari and the district Auraiya lives in Uttar Pradesh.

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