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So how are you guys(To Kaise Hain Aap Log) writing a post about Ajay Nagar, Carryminati Biography, who started her video with the words.

Friends, if you are fond of watching videos on youtube, then you should know whose channel is famous Roaster on youtube. Alias Ajay is a citizen.
Starts with carryminati Biography was born in Faridabad in 1999 to a Gurjar family. He started his studies from Delhi Public School, Faridabad, but due to lack of interest in his studies, he decided to make his career from youtube. His entire attention went to youtube during studies.

Controversy carryminati

Early Life Of Ajay Nagar

The most important thing is that carryminati started uploading videos to YouTube at just 10 years of age.

He wanted to make videos on YouTube since childhood and wanted to be popular. At an early age, he put football-related videos on his channel.

Ajay Nagar opened his first YouTube channel called Steal the zzz, in which he used to do football tricks and his tutorials. The biggest problem was that more than 400 people never watched the video.

The point was that a lot of people made videos related to it, Ajay Nagar was too young, so there was not much information about all this but he did not stop and kept putting videos as it became his passion.

carryminati pubg Gaming Channel

As he grew older his youtube became a passion and today he has also become successful in this field. To do something different at the tender age of 15, you opened a new channel on youtube called Addicted A1 as well as dubbed gaming video uploads and a little Bollywood movie scene and at that time this video did not play much because sports in India. Used to play more. Were not popular.
Earlier, his channel was not named CarryMinati Youtube Channel. The fate of his life was revealed when he made a roasted video on bb ki vines and after watching it, was viewed more than 1 lakh times and the video went viral.

Quick Life Summary Of Carryminati

  • Real Name:                    Ajay Nagar (Carryminati)
  • Age:                               21 Years
  • Occupation:                    YouTuber
  • Height:                           5  Feet 5 Inch
  • weight:                            60 Kilogram
  • Hair color:                       Black
  • Eyes color:                      Black
  • Date of birth:                  12 June 1999
  • Birthplace:                      Faridabaad Haryana
  • nationality:                     Indian
  • Education:                      Senior Secondary

how much money does carryminati make?

carryminati net worth Because Now 23.1M subscribers On Youtube So According To The Sources Carryminati Income 1,000,000 to 15,000,00 and 2to5lac Extra For Sponsorship Ads

Taking advantage of this opportunity, he uploaded the video for a month and started going viral the same month. As soon as the video went viral, he changed the name of the channel from Carrie Deol to carryminati.
The reason for his success was his hard work and dedication to making videos, which has brought him to this position today.
There is also another gaming channel run by him in Ajay Nagar. On this channel, they upload a video every day and earn money from Daba’s super chat.

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carryminati age

Real Age carryminati was born on 12 June 1999 in Faridabad, Haryana and carryminati Age is 21 years old.

carryminati started making videos on YouTube since 2008 when she was only eight years old. carryminati Wiki has sung many rap songs which are listed below –
Life – Cariminity x Willie Mania

Social Media

Why He Is top Roaster Youtuber in India

carryminati is an Indian Youtuber. According to carryminati social blade thought of doing something different from the beginning, which is why she quit her studies in 2016 and then started her YouTube career. He was fond of gambling since the age of 10 and he always dominated YouTube.

Carrie also planned to pursue a career on YouTube and then created her first YouTube channel Stealthfearzz. Carrie used to upload videos of tricks and tutorials related to football games on this channel. But his channel could not be more popular.

To bring his gaming skills to the public, he started a gaming channel and named it Addicted. He used to put videos of his gameplay on this channel, but people enjoyed his funny joke more than his gameplay. Sunny Deol and Hrithik Roshan used to play and play games simultaneously. But this channel of his could not make any special recognition.

After this, Carrie changed her channel name to Deol, then continued her roaming and continued the roster. Carrie’s YouTube channel was doing well, but one of her videos suddenly increased Carrie’s popularity, as she received roosting on the YouTube channel BB ki vines. BB ki vines mean that the famous YouTube Bhuvan bomb was quite popular at the time. Carrie’s roast video went viral overnight.

The channel was renamed and this time renamed CarryMinati. Today  CarryMinati is India’s largest popular roster. His popularity is increasing day by day.


The Controversy Carryminati & Aamir Siddiqui 

Recently Carrie was also part of controversy but this controversy also greatly increased her popularity. What happened is that Carrie uploaded a roasting video for her YouTube channel CarryMinati on Youtube vs TIKTOK. In this video, he roasted TIKTOK star Aamir Siddiqui. His videos spread like fire on the Internet and his membership has grown from 14.7 million to 22 million today.

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