chinese apps Ban In india

The government resumed economic action against China in Ladakh amid the ongoing conflict with China. Why Chinese apps Ban In India The Ministry of IT and Electronics on Monday Chinese Apps Banned In India total 59 apps. These include major apps like TikTok, Halo, WeChat, UC News. At the same time, churn has started to curb imports from China. Consultations with industrial organizations have begun when and how imports can be banned.

why Chinese apps banned

59 Chinese apps including TikTok and UC Browser have been banned in India. If these apps are present in your phone, then know how they will be closed

chinese app ban in india

International apprehensions have arisen about China’s app. On Monday, the government decided on the same criteria that these 59 apps from China were prejudicial to India’s sovereignty, integrity, and security.

For example, the government has decided to Chinese apps Ban In India these 59 apps under Section 69A of the IT Act. The government was also receiving many complaints of misuse of these apps.

The government was also receiving complaints that the app was also helpful in stealing data from Android and iOS platforms, which raised questions over the country’s security.

Why And Till When Ban these 59 apps

A ban on these apps was also recommended by the government’s cybercrime watchdog center and the Ministry of Home Affairs. Tiktok has millions of followers in India.

This decision of the government will give an app made in India to come forward, while China has suffered a big setback.

59 Chinese apps have been banned in India. These include popular apps such as TikTok, UC Browser, Shareit and Camscanner. The Government of India has taken this decision keeping in mind the data security of users.

In a statement issued by the government, it has been called a necessary step to maintain the security and unity of the country. Let us tell you that ever since the border dispute between India and China started, there was a demand for a Chinese apps Ban In India and Chinese products.

Under which the government acted

This action on Chinese apps has been taken under Section 69A of the Information Technology Act, 2000 (right to prohibit public use of any information from any computer resource).

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting said, ‘We got information from a number of sources and reports about the theft of users’ data through mobile apps and data transfers without the permission of servers located outside India. Since it is an attack on the sovereignty and integrity of India, immediate action is required.

How the ban will be implemented

According to the report, Internet service providers will now be directed to ban these apps. Maybe soon users will get a message saying that ‘access to these apps has been stopped on the orders of the government’. This approach will work on apps like Tik Tok, UC Browser which require the internet for live feeds.

However, apps used offline can continue to run this way and users have to remove them on their own. In addition, restricted apps will be removed from the Play Store and App Store. Also, other apps with similar features can also be made available to users. A report said that the government has instructed Google and Apple to remove these apps in 24 hours.

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