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Gaurav Arora Biography and Change into Gauri Arora Transformation: How Gaurav Arora changed into Gauri Arora, people could not believe that a famous actor and model who achieved so much in life, why did he change his body from boy to girl, let’s know that Gaurav Arora’s Like finally Gauri Arora

Gauri Arora Biography
Gauri Arora Before and After

Transgender Gauri Arora

Today Gauri Arora is very famous for her looks, she transformed her body, it was not a miracle.
He underwent many surgeries to get such a sexy body. Gaurav also took hormones to change injections in him to become Gauri Arora Sexy.
He worked a lot to change into a girl for himself, for which he has a lot of exercise in the gym.
Today Gauri Arora is Transgender and she is very famous for her Instagram photos. She posts sexy photos on Instagram for her fans.

Gauri Arora Instagram Id Is @gauriarorafficial

Gaurav Arora Splitsvilla season 8 was quite famous. At that time he looked very attractive, body was very fit, he was attracted to both girls and boys.

Gaurav’s Early Life & Education

The acting world is the world where an actor has to go through many situations. Gaurav Arora is a new face in the modeling and acting world. He was the second runner-up in the 2006 “Gladrags Manhunt and Mega Model Contest” based on his passion and ability.

Along with many fashion shows, ramps, print shoots, etc., she has been seen in many famous television commercials. Moving forward in their path, they got that turn very quickly, from where they turned towards the screen first.

In 2016, he got an opportunity to work in the film “Love Games” under the banner of “Special Films”, which was directed by well-known director Vikram Bhatt.

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Become a Actor

Again he appeared in Vikram Bhatt’s film Raaz Reboot, playing the strong character of Sameer Saxena. He was nominated for “Best Debut Mail” at the 2016 Star Dust Award.

Gauri Arora Bio, who made his own place in a very short time with his acting, was born in Mungaoli in 1985 in Ashoknagar district of Madhya Pradesh. His father’s name is Ravi Arora and his mother’s name is Radha Arora. They have two sisters, Anshu and Mehak. Gaurav is smaller than Anshu and older than Smell.

Gaurav completed his school from “The Daily College” while living in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, then graduated in business management from “Prestige Institute of Management”. Gaurav is a national level swimmer and has also played hockey at the district level.

Modeling Career of Gourav Arora

After completing his post, Gaurav wanted to make his mark in modeling and acting, for which he turned to Mumbai. During modeling in Mumbai, he joined a drama troupe to improve his acting.

He acted in drama in many places in India, performing the dances with this theatrical team, which included “The Night of 16 January”, “The Mouse Trap”.

While he was working as a color worker on one side, on the other hand, he was constantly trying to get into the modeling world. He participated in a modeling contest in 2006, in which he was replaced as the second runner up. Very soon his face and his name got engraved in the modeling world.


In 2010, he was named among the winners of “New Faces” of Elle (India) magazine. Then the very next year in 2011, he received the title of the fittest model from the title of a “Men’s Health Magazine”. After that, in 2013, he got the title of “Most Desirable Indian Main” from “Vogue India”.

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Due to creating new dimensions in modeling, he got the opportunity to work with leading designers, in which Rohit Bal, Raghavendra Rathore, Manish Malhotra, etc. were prominent.

In addition, she also got the opportunity to ramp walk at celebrations like “Lakme Fashion Week” and “India Fashion Week”, “Amazon India Fashion Week”. As a successful model, he got an opportunity to represent India in Dubai, Thailand, and Canada.

Along with all this, he was also taken in the advertisement of many well-known companies. In 2013, he was nominated for “Top Leading Supermodel” of India by the “Mandate” magazine.

The Indian version of an American magazine, “GQ (India)” took him to one of his “short films”, which was shot in Bali and Indonesia.

Films & TV Shows

Gaurav arora in love games
Gaurav’s debut in modeling is Bhatt Camp’s “Love Games”, after almost a decade Bhatt Camp decided to film a runway model, which went directly to Gaurav Arora.

His role in this film was that of a rich son of a businessman, who is interested in Alisha Asthana, the wife of a lawyer.

While doing this film, he also got the proposal of Vikram Bhatt’s film Raaz Rebooted. In this way, he got his second film while doing the first film and such a model Gauri Arora Videos now appeared as an actor.

Gaurav Arora raaz reboot

Gaurav Arora in the film “Raj Reboot” (gaurav arora raaz reboot)
“Raaz Reboot” was released after the success of Love Games. She was also accompanied by well-known actors Emraan Hashmi and Kirti Kharbanda in this film. Emraan Hashmi is a respected actor.

A new actor definitely has difficulties with any experienced actor. It always remains in the heart that we need to act better or according to the performance of the front.

It takes a lot of hard work. Gauri Arora took special care of this and showed himself with his acting. According to him, the film Raaz Rebooted is a very big film of his life.

Blockbuster Hit of Gaurav Arora

He appeared in a character named Rehan in this film. For the horror films made in Bollywood, they say that people make fun of seeing ghosts and spirits in Hindi films, while people are scared to see ghosts in films made in Hollywood.

Second aspect, he also told that Hollywood horror films are made on a very big budget whereas in Bollywood there is a very low budget for such films. According to Gaurav, the feeling and songs are the life of Indian films.

His character in Raaz Reboot was that of a rich banker, who was so fast that he could talk with his eyes.

He was advised to gain weight for this film. Currently, these two films starring Gauri Arora have appeared on Manjre-Aam, and on the basis of these two films, they have registered their names among the leading actors of the industry.

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