Sangram Chougule BiographySangram Chougule Biography

Sangram Chougule is a very famous Indian bodybuilder and entrepreneur. If you want to know his entire life journey, then you must opt for Sangram Chougule biographyas it covers all the critical particulars. However, the biography acts as the best way to understand all the vital details to seek all the relevant data. 

Therefore, his biography acts as one of the best mediums to collect all the particulars that are highly associated with his life. It is quite evident that the pathway to success is not an easy task as it requires a lot of hard work and dedication to reach over there. Thus, when you get the opportunity to go through the biography of a successful personality like Sangram it will enhance your vision. Furthermore, all the biography is highly based on the actual events that took place in his journey has a lot of significance in its own ways. However, the real-life story of a successful personality like him can create a massive impact on so many individuals as they got to look up to each and every phase.

More importantly, when all the information is projected in a larger picture which can be seen in his biography. Thus, all these reasons are quite visible that tell the importance of a biography and when it is concerned with an individual like him then it is one of the best thing.

Sangram Chougule Early Life Story

Now you will know about Sangram Chougule early life story in a detailed manner. He was born on 28 December 1979 in Kolhapur. Furthermore, when it comes to his family, his parents were indulged in the profession of school teachers. Besides this, he has two brothers and one sister also in his family. Sangram couldn’t get a good start in his life as he grew up in a poor Indian family. Furthermore, there are six members that are present in his family. Due to this reason, his parents had not enough money to pay the fees of the sports club as he wanted to join it. During his school days, he was an extremely energetic child, and he used to play games like football and cricket as much as he could.

Furthermore, he has finished his graduation from the Modern College of Arts, Science, and Commerce, which is in Pune. Besides this, he also holds a diploma in Electrical Engineering. Therefore all these particulars are vital in Sangram Chougule biography as all these details denote his background life.

His quick life summary

Name- Sangram Chougule

Profession- Bodybuilder

Birthday – 28th December 1979

Birthplace-Kohlapur, India

Hometown- Kohlapur

Nationality- Indian

Physical Appearance of Sangram Chougule

Height: 5′ 8”

Weight: 110 kg

Sangram Chougule Career

From here onwards, you will know about Sangram Chougule career in an elaborated manner. All this happened in the year 2000 when he was doing his engineering degree. He was fortunate enough as in his college, and there was a bodybuilding club present. Thus all these things were noticed by his professors and friends, and they insisted him to work even harder to achieve success in the fitness sphere. Due to all these reasons, Sangram paid all his attention in the training and his diet plan. Besides this, to follow the passion he used to do self –training which will last for three to four hours. 

More importantly, Sangram took part in his very first bodybuilding competition which happened in his local district. Furthermore, after participating in this competition, he has won so many titles in this fitness sphere. Furthermore, after getting so much success in the fitness field, he decided to own and run the PhySC Gym, which is located in Pune. After putting so much effort, he developed his gym into a popular chain that is present in his area. Thus, the main aim of the gym is to provide with good fitness trainers, equipment, and the best services to all its members. Therefore, all these details are prominent in Sangram Chougule biography as it denotes all the things related to his career.

Sangram Chougule Achievements

Here is the list of Sangram Chougule Achievements, which need a special acknowledgment in Sangram Chougule biography as they are achieved by him through his hard work.

During the year of 2006, he won the title of ‘The Great Mr Maharashtra.’ 

In the year 2008, he won the title of Mr. Pune. 

During the year of 2011, he won a bronze medal in the Mr World contest. 

Sangram won the title of Mr. Universe in 2012 and 2014 at WBPF World Championship as he won the title in the 85 kg category. Furthermore, the competition was conducted in Thailand, and Bangkok.

Sangram Chougule has won the Mr. India title six times and the Mr. Maharashtra title five times in a row.

Sangram Chougule Social Media Accounts and channel

Sangram Chougule is a powerful personality, and he has 1.4 million followers on Instagram

Youtube channelSangram Chougule
Social media Accounts of Sangram Chougule

Sangram Chougule Personal Life

Now you will know about Sangram Chougule personal life in a proper detail. He got married to Snehal on 11th July 2006. His wife is indulged into the profession of a fashion designer. Furthermore, in his family, they both have two kids: one daughter named Shriya Chougule and one son named Shourya Chougule. Therefore, all these details hold a significant place in Sangram Chougule biography as it surrounds his personal life.


From Sangram Chougule biography you will be able to see the journey of a person who followed his interest with all his heart. However, the journey was not easy as he had to do a lot of things to get over here. More importantly, his never give yup attitude allows him to fulfill his dream as now he is one of the impactful fitness influencers of the current scenario. Besides this, he is becoming that one prominent icon for the youth, which is excellent. Through his presence, he can motivate millions of people toward fitness which can benefit them in so many ways.   

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