Debasree Banerjee BiographyDebasree Banerjee Biography

Debasree Banerjee is known as an Indian beauty blogger and a YouTuber. But if you want to perceive in-depth information then you should look for Debasree Banerjee biography as it seems to be the portrayal of her life.

Due to this reason, while going through her biography, you will seek the information that is closely associated with her life. More importantly, it is quite obvious when you undergo the each and every stages which starts from the beginning and to the rest of the particulars, which constitutes an important segment of her life. Therefore ,her bio will act as an excellent source to pay attention to the significant attributes of her own individuality. Besides this, it is based on the actual events that are actually happened, which becomes a significant factor to relate. 

There are so many people out there and who love to see the journey of a successful personality like Debasree. Besides this, when people read about the existing accounts, it will enhance their vision, and it also provides them with a new approach. Thus, this type of learning is something that carries so much value in its own ways. Therefore, the biography of a successful individual like her becomes a source of encouragement for many people who also want to achieve their goals just like the way she has achieved.

Debasree Banerjee Early Life Story

Now you will learn about Debasree Banerjee early life story in the proper detail. She was born on 26th September 1990 in Dibrugarh, Assam. Furthermore, she belongs to a Brahmin family, her father’s name is Dipankar Banerjee, and her mother’s name is Krishna Banerjee. Besides this, in her family, she has one has one elder brother whose name is Diptendu Banerjee. Debasree considers her family as one of her most extensive support systems. 

Furthermore, she has finished her schooling at Vivekananda Kendra Vidhalay, which is in Assam. During her school days, she was a very active student. Besides this, she used to participate in all types of functions that were conducted in her school. Later on, she moved forward to pursue B.Sc. in Biotechnology from Bangalore Christ University, which is a reputed university. After enrolling herself in MITCON Institute of Management, she decided to go ahead with PGDM in marketing management. Therefore all these particulars are very essential in Debasree Banerjee biography to know her background journey.

Her quick life summary

Name- Debasree Banerjee

Profession- Beauty Influencer

Birthday- 26th September 1990 

Birthplace- Dibrugarh, Assam 

Hometown- Dibrugarh, Assam


Education- PGDM in Marketing Management 

Marital Status- Unmarried

Physical Appearance of Debasree Banerjee

Height: 5’ 4’’

Weight: 52 Kg

Debasree Banerjee Career

The significance of a career is massive as it gives direction to life. From here onwards, you will know about the Debasree Banerjee career journey. Furthermore, during her school days, she was interested in the activities related to beauty. However, she took a massive decision to quit her 9 to 5 secure job to continue with her interest. This one decision of her matters the most over that point of time as it proves out to be a game changer in her career path. 

Furthermore, when she quit her job, she began to work on her beauty blog which turned out to a huge success. Besides this, Debasree decided to name her beauty blog as “All She Needs”. More importantly, while going on this path of career, a significant thing happened, Debasree won the Cosmopolitan India Best Beauty Blogger Award, which was a tremendous achievement for her. The main thing that matters the most she won this award just because of the hard work and dedication . More importantly, this recognition seems to be vital in her career growth as it opens the doors for her to excel. Therefore, the presence of all this information in Debasree Banerjee biography to analyse her career journey.

Debasree Banerjee YouTube Channel

On 23rd August, 2009 Debasree Banerjee YouTube Channel was established. More importantly, when her beauty blog came out, she came up with the idea to commence her YouTube Channel. After then, she got inspired to create the videos that are highly associated with the beauty tips and tricks. More importantly, the way she creates the videos benefits a lot of women out there as they can follow the beauty tips that are provided in her various videos.

During her childhood days, she was in beauty blogs and something associated with it. Thus to carry forward with this interest is her main motive. In that case, YouTube becomes the best platform for her to showcase her work. The other advantage of creating a YouTube channel is that she could reach out to a broader audience by creating the videos. Besides this, she has gained over 264K subscribers on her YouTube Channel as people like the videos that she is creating. More importantly, she has worked earlier for the post of a marketing manager. Still, destiny has some other plan for her as she ended up becoming a fashion vlogger, which she always wanted to be. 

Debasree Banerjee Social Media Accounts and channel

Debasree Banerjee is one of the impactful beauty influencers of the current scenario. Besides this, she has gained 306K followers on Instagram.

Youtube channelDebasree Banerjee
Social media Accounts of Debasree Banerjee


From Debasree Banerjee biography you will be able to know the women who followed her passion despite of getting the job. The way she has placed her interest forward is a considerable initiative taken by her. Therefore, her ambition to achieve something and to make her identity as a beauty influencer is one of the best thing. Now she is getting a lot of recognition for the work that she is associated with, which matters the most. More importantly, the recognition that she is getting now results from all the hard work and dedication that she puts earlier. Besides this, the way she followed her dreams and achieved success seems to be one of the factors to inspire youth as they could realize what all it requires to succeed in the life.

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