Ankita Chaturvedi Biography

Ankita Chaturvedi is a beauty influencer and a successful YouTuber who shares makeup videos and beauty tips. Therefore, to look up to her life journey then, you should look up to Ankita Chaturvedi biographywhich holds a lot of information. The biography is one of the best mediums, which gives you the chance to explore all the things that are originated from her life. Therefore while knowing all the information, it will also increase your knowledge because the items are explained in an elaborated manner.

In today’s time, beauty influencers like Ankita is making a lot of impacts as people are loving her work. When you got to know the life journey of a successful personality like her, then you will realize then what all she did. Every person has a different journey, and like the way she has her own journey and which should be known to the wider audience.

More importantly, the biography will also contribute a lot to encourage the youth because success comes not easy. Besides this, they will also realize what all a person has to do to succeed. Therefore, all these reasons indicate the significance of biography, which you can’t ignore at any cost. More importantly, her biography is the best option to analyze all the attributes of her life in the detail.

Ankita Chaturvedi Early Life Story

Now you will learn about Ankita Chaturvedi early life story details. She was born on 10th June 1989 in Mumbai. She has done her schooling from Mumbai. Later on to pursue with her higher studies she has completed her graduation in Bachelor of Technology. Thus, all these details are relevant in Ankita Chaturvedi biography to know her backstory.

Her quick life summary

Name- Ankita Chaturvedi

Profession- Beauty Influencer

Birthday- 10th June 1989

Birthplace- Mumbai

Hometown- Mumbai, India



Marital Status- Divorced

Physical Appearance of Ankita Chaturvedi

Height: 5’0’’

Weight: 50 Kg

Ankita Chaturvedi Career

The importance of a career is massive in everyone’s life. From here onwards, you will know all the information regarding Ankita Chaturvedi career journey. Furthermore, she has started out in the year of 2011, which seemed to be building blocks in her career. Later on, she wanted to continue with her interest in the field of makeup and skincare, giving beauty tutorials and other things. 

Furthermore, she is a trained Makeup Artist who is certified by Makeup Forever Academy in Paris. Another significant achievement happened when the prestigious university Indian Institute of Technology Bombay alumni her Word Press blog, Corallista. Due to this reason, this recognition became very prominent for her, and it allowed her to go ahead with this option as her full-time career. However, she has come up with the idea to create an inspiring space through beauty for South Asian Women in the UK. Besides this, her constant drive towards creating a beauty community that seems to be very diverse and inclusive in its own ways. Therefore the way she thinks of a new approach is something very different and unique.

More importantly, the ways she conducts her workshops and her bridal series of South Asian Women have helped her a lot. Due to all this work, she could be able to gain the impressions and views on a regular basis. More importantly, all this information is vital in Ankita Chaturvedi biography as it signifies her career graph.

Ankita Chaturvedi YouTube Channel

On 27th September 2011, Ankita Chaturvedi YouTube channel was established. Furthermore, she has named her YouTube Channel as Corallista. Thus while creating her YouTube Channelshe could able to reach out to a broader audience. Besides this, it would prove to be one of the best platforms for her to showcase her work. More importantly, she has gained 761K followers on her YouTube Channel, which is a tremendous achievement for her. 

Besides this, her YouTube videos are primarily associated with skincare and makeup tips which can help a lot of women as they can follow them. More importantly, all her videos will prove to be very beneficial for her followers who want to gain new beauty information. Ankita has become a famous personality because of the way she is creating the videos as she is providing her audience with the tips for easy makeup looks. More importantly, through the support of her videos, she usually talks about the eye makeup tutorials. 

Not only this, but she also prefers towards those videos that are related to product reviews. Furthermore, Ankita has recently started creating videos that are related to self-love, being single, and many more things. 

Ankita Chaturvedi Social Media Accounts and channel

Ankita Chaturvedi is one of the prominent names in the field of beauty influencers because of her unique personality. Moreover, she has gained 331K followers on Instagram.

Youtube channelAnkita Chaturvedi
Social media Accounts of Ankita Chaturvedi

Ankita Chaturvedi Married Life

Now you will learn about Ankita Chaturvedi married life in an elaborated manner. Furthermore, she got married to her long-time boyfriend name Ashish Kumar Chaturvedi. But due to some reasons, they have decided to live their life separately. Therefore, they have taken the divorce in the year 2016. Even though she has shared the news in a video format of her separation from her husband. Consequently, the presence of these details is significant in Ankita Chaturvedi biography as it carries the details of her married life.


From Ankita Chaturvedi biography you will get to see the journey of one of the famous beauty influencers. The ways he has started off and now she has reached such a higher position. All these things are possible only because of the immense amount of hard work she has done to fulfill her dream. 

Now she is recognized as one of the prominent beauty bloggers, and she is the one who holds a very different approach when it comes to beauty. Furthermore, her inspiring vision and thoughtful approach make her very different from others. More importantly, she can become the motivation for the future generations, which is one of the best things.

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