Kritika Khurana biographyKritika Khurana biography

Kritika Khurana is known as a fashion blogger, and she is famous for her fashion blog ThatBohoGirl. If you want to know all the details of her life, then you must go ahead with Kritika Khurana biography as it holds all the prominent information.   

More importantly, while looking up to the biography of such successful people like her, it will enhance your knowledge. Due to all these reasons, biography carries enormous importance because it is based on all the actual events that are happened in her life. Kritika has become an impactful influencer, and she has gained so many followers also. But she also has a backstory that also needs proper attention. Furthermore, for all her followers, it would be a great way to know her entire life journey through her biography. While going through her biography then, only you could able to seek all details of different phases that are highly associated with her life. 

Thus when you get the chance to see the journey of such successful person like her, then you will know what all she did to achieve her goal. Besides this, while going through a biography of a renowned personality like Kritika, you will also get the motivation in your life. Due to all these reasons, biography holds a great importance which can’t be denied in any case.

Kritika Khurana Early life Story

From this section, you will know about Kritika Khurana early life story as it briefs her background journey. She was born on 19th June 1993 in New Delhi. Her father’s name is Raju Khurana, who is in the profession of a businessman. Besides this, Kritika father is the owner of Mahabir Handloom Emporium, Delhi. Her mother’s name is Anju Khurana, and she has one brother Lakshay Khurana and one sister Deeksha Khurana who is involved in the profession of fashion blogger and travel vlogger.

Furthermore, she has completed her schooling at Delhi Public School, which is in R.K Puram, New Delhi. When she was in her school, she wanted to be an architect. Besides this, she has won different awards in Indian Classical dance forms during her school and college days. After then, she has completed her graduation in Fashion and Design from the University of Delhi, which is a very reputed university. More importantly, all this information carries a lot of value in Kritika Khurana biography as it highlights all the important events.

Her quick life summary

Name- Kritika Khurana

Profession- Fashion Blogger

Birthday- 19th June 1993

Birthplace- New Delhi

Hometown- New Delhi, India


Education- Graduation in Fashion and Design 

Marital Status- Unmarried

Physical Appearance of Kritika Khurana

Height: 5’3’’

Weight: 58 Kg

Kritika Khurana Career

In everyone’s life, a career plays a very significant role in being independent. From here onwards, you will get to know all the vital details of Kritika Khurana career journey. During the year 2013, she started her career as a social media influencer. From there she used to post the Outfit of the Day images (OOTD) on her Instagram account. After then, Kritika began working as a blogger, and she named her blog as ThatBohoGirl. Furthermore, in her blog, she used to tell information regarding fashion and styling tips. Besides this, she has commenced her own clothing store, which she named as ‘The Hype.’ 

Thus after getting famous as a blogger, she came up with the idea to commence her own YouTube Channel. During the year of 2014, she began her YouTube Channel which she named as Kritika Khurana. After establishing her channel, she uploaded her very first video, which she called Styling Sneakers. More importantly, she is using her YouTube Channel in the best way to showcase her work to a broader audience over there. On her YouTube Channel, she usually uploads videos which is highly associated with styling and fashion. 

Besides this, her followers also love her videos because they are based on such exciting topics as they can quickly get the attention. Furthermore, she has gained 629K subscribers on her YouTube Channel, which is a huge thing for an artist like her. Due to all these reasons, all this information carries a lot of significance in Kritika Khurana biography as it highlights her career journey

Kritika Khurana Social Media Accounts and channel

 has become a compelling social media icon of today’s time. She has 1.5 million followers on Instagram.

FacebookKritika Khurana
Youtube channelKritika Khurana
Social media Accounts of Kritika khurana

Kritika Khurana Relationship

Now you will learn about Kritika Khurana relationship in an elaborated manner. During the earlier time, she was involved in a relationship with the Indian vlogger Karan Sehgal. But they could not be able to continue their relationship as they got separated because of some reason. As of now, she is indulged in a relationship with Aditya Chhabra. They both share a good bonding with each other in their relationship. Therefore she also posts different images with him on her numerous social media accounts. Due to this reason, all these details are vital in  Kritika Khurana biography as it surrounds her personal life.


From Kritika Khurana biography you will know the journey of an ordinary girl to being a famous fashion blogger. Despite of having no connection she has created her own path as she followed her interest in the field of fashion and styling. More importantly, the way she has started her career as a fashion blogger helps her enable her own identity. Due to this reason, people recognize her because of the work that she is doing as a blogger. 

Thus to reach over here it requires a lot of hard work and dedication because success does not come easy to anyone. It is quite clear that she is an ambitious woman who wants to achieve something in her life. As a result of this vision and approach, she has gained so many things on her own, which is commendable. Now she has become one of the powerful personality who is inspiring millions of people which is one of the best thing.

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