Komal Pandey BiographyKomal Pandey Biography

Komal Pandey is a well-known fashion blogger and a successful YouTuber. If you want to gain more knowledge regarding her life journey then you should go with Komal Pandey biography. More importantly, the biography will deeply analyse all the phases that are connected with her life. Therefore her bio will display the reflection of her life, which is worth knowing. Thus every phase of her life has massive importance in its own ways. Due to all these reasons through her biography, a massive population will decipher her life which they don’t know.

Besides this, it can also become the motivation for youth who are also looking forward to fulfil their dream. Therefore when they know how she has started and where she has reached now will enhance their vision. However, going through the real facts and details will shape your opinion. Besides this, it will also give you a new approach and new aspirations which can bring a change in your thinking process.

All these reasons are justified enough as it highlights the significance of the biography as it holds all the minute information. More importantly for her followers, it would turn out to be the best way to know all the phases of her life as they could be able to understand her better.

Komal Pandey Early Life Story

Now you will get to know all the vital details about Komal Pandey early life story as it briefs about her background journey. She was born on 18th June 1994 in New Delhi. Komal belongs to the family which is Brahmin. In her family, she has one younger brother Micku. Furthermore Komal did her schooling in Delhi and after then she has also completed her bachelor’s degree in commerce. Thus, the presence of these details holds a very significant position in Komal Pandey biography as it highlights her backstory.  

Her quick life summary

Name- Komal Pandey

Profession- Fashion Blogger

Birthday- 18th June 1994

Birthplace- New Delhi

Hometown- New Delhi, India


Education- Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce.

Marital Status- Unmarried

Physical Appearance of Komal Pandey

Height: 5’0’’

Weight: 50 Kg

Komal Pandey Career

It is quite obvious that a career holds a very important position in everyone’s life. From here onwards you will know about Komal Pandey career journey in proper detail. In the year 2012, she began her career journey as a fashion blogger and she named her blog ‘’The College Couture’’. Besides this, she also got the call from POPxo as they wanted her for the post of a fashion video coordinator. Later on, Komal accepted this offer in November 2015 given to her by POPxo. Thus POPxo was the famous portal that deals with interesting topics starting from relationships to lifestyle. After being associated with POPxo it brought a new change for her as she got an immense amount of fame and recognition.

After being a part of it she decided on her YouTube Channel. Besides this, she has also received an award in the year 2016 for being the most stylish blogger. Furthermore, her blog has also earned the title of Cosmopolitan Best Fashion Blog which is a very big achievement for her. More importantly, the presence of all these details is very prominent in Komal Pandey biography because it explains her career graph.

Komal Pandey YouTube Channel

On 27th August 2017, Komal Pandey YouTube channel was established. Thus by taking the support of her YouTube channel she usually creates videos that are highly associated with comedy and fashion. Besides this Komal has also created a video that highlights her body transformation and it seems to be very motivating. Due to all these reasons, she has collected more than 66 million views on her videos. Another achievement of her is that she has gained 1.07M subscribers on her YouTube Channel which means that people are liking the videos that she is creating. More importantly, by establishing her own YouTube she can easily connect with a wider audience out there. Apart from this she also got a chance to feature on the YouTube channel of other prominent personalities like Beer Biceps and Malvika Sitlani also.

Komal Pandey Controversies

The start of Komal Pandey controversies happened when she was present in a storytelling portal called Humans of Bombay. Due to this reason, she has discussed about she became the target of body shaming. Besides this she has also talked about her struggle journey and all the bold decisions she took in her life. Furthermore, she was insisting on this stop and she has also responded to all the hate comments. However while responding to the comments she has stated that she loves to wear makeup and that can be the reason that she looks different in a certain way.

Komal Pandey Social Media Accounts and channel

Komal Pandey is a very popular social media icon of today’s time. She has 1.6 million followers on Instagram.

FacebookKomal Pandey
Youtube channelKomal Pandey
Social media Accounts of Komal Pandey

Komal Pandey Relationship

Now you will learn about Komal Pandey relationship status. According to her social media feed, Komal Pandey is indulged in a relationship with Siddharth Batra. Thus he works as a model and a social media influencer. They both started dating each other in the year 2020 and they both have a very good bond. She often posts her images with Siddharth on her social media accounts where they are usually spotted hanging out together. More importantly, all this information seems to be very essential in Komal Pandey biography as it surrounds her personal life.


From Komal Pandey biography you will seek all the important details that are connected with her life. Besides this through her biography, you all will know all the relevant things in a bigger picture. The way she has started off her journey and how she deals with everything that comes her way is very motivating. The main reason why she has got fame is just because of her hard work and determination. Due to this reason, she could able to fulfil her dream and now she is one of the famous fashion bloggers which is such a good thing.

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