Mrunal Panchal biography

Mrunal Panchal is a very popular tik –tok star and a well-known fashion blogger. Thus to know her journey then you must go through Mrunal Panchal biography as it provides all the vital information. She is a popular personality of today’s time and through her biography, all the important aspects are highlighted. Now she is popular but in her earlier life, she has to do a lot of work to reach over here.

The main purpose of this biography is to make people know her in a better way as she has so many fans who admire her so much. Due to this reason, her fans got to know all the important attributes that are intact in her life. Furthermore, she is the one who has gained millions of young fans on her Instagram, Tik Tok, and Twitter accounts.

Through each and every phase you will be able to know things that are actually happened and they have their own significance in their own ways which can’t be ignored. The biography gives you insight into how she has started her career and all the important decisions for her career that will benefit her.

Mrunal Panchal Early Life Story

The most prominent phase begins with knowing Mrunal Panchal early life story to understand her background journey. She was born on 11th November 1999 in Gujarat and she belonged to a middle-class family. Her father’s name is Bharat Panchal and her mother’s name is Neeta Panchal. However, in her entire family, she has a very special bond with her mother. Besides this, she has an elder sister also whose name is Nikita Panchal. More importantly, she loves to spend quality time with her family members. Besides this, she has a soft corner for Gujarati cuisine.

Mrunal has finished her schooling at “St. Francis High School” and she has opted for the science stream. Later on, she is doing her graduation from Haribhai V Desai College of Commerce, Arts and Science” which is in Pune, Maharashtra. Furthermore, all these details have a lot of importance in Mrunal Panchal biography as it depicts her background journey.

Her quick life summary

Name- Mrunal Panchal

Profession- Fashion Blogger

Birthday- 11th November 1999

Birthplace- Gujarat

Hometown- Gujarat, India


Education-Pursuing Graduation

Marital Status-Unmarried

Physical Appearance of Mrunal Panchal

Height: 5’4’’

Weight: 50 Kg

Mrunal Panchal Career

In today’s time making a career is a very important thing and from this column, you will get to know Mrunal Panchal career in an elaborated manner.

Mrunal Panchal YouTube

On December 14, 2018, Mrunal Panchal YouTube channel was established and she named her channel Gujju Unicorn. Mrunal is using her channel in the best way as she posts videos that are associated with makeup tips, cooking and many other important things. More importantly, she has gained 764K subscribers on her YouTube channel as people are liking her videos. However, she has even performed in YouTube music videos which include Shopping Kara Dunga and Kumar Sanu’s Ishq Saaf.

Mrunal Panchal TikTok

The main reason behind the start of Mrunal Panchal TikTok journey has occurred when she was far away from her family. She took inspiration from talented foreign artists as they are becoming very famous for creating humorous videos. Later on, she got to know about TikTok and she has developed the idea of it. However, she wasn’t able to get support from her parents in her journey but the tables turned as now she is a famous TikTok star. As of now, her parents are feeling very proud of her because of her achievements.

Besides this, in creating one TikTok video she used to do 100 retakes so that it will be perfect as it requires a lot of hard work. However, in her journey, she got the chance to meet prominent TikTok stars like Manav, Awez and Ayush Mehta as they are becoming the source of motivation for her to create more content which will be beneficial for her. Furthermore, she usually prefers to create single-handed content rather than being present in a group of people.

Mrunal Panchal Instagram

The social media icon Mrunal Panchal Instagram account contains pictures that are very attractive. Besides this, she loves to upload pictures where she is surrounded by her family members on her Instagram account. Thus she got the opportunity to meet the American actor when she was on her tour to Los Angeles and she loves to post pictures of her achievements with her fans on her social media accounts.

However, she also received a huge amount of love and support from her fans because it is very important for an artist to get the fan’s love. Besides this, she has received the award as the first runner up award for Social Media Personality of the Year. She has even said that she loves to reply to her fan comments that are posted on her Instagram account. Due to this reason, her fans loved her more because of her personality.

Mrunal Panchal Social media Accounts and channel

Mrunal Panchal has gained massive popularity and she has 3.7 million followers on Instagram.

Youtube channelGujju Unicorn
Social media Accounts of Mrunal Panchal

Mrunal Panchal Personal Life

From here onwards you will get to know about Mrunal Panchal personal life. However, she is in a relationship with Anirudh Sharma who is involved in the profession of online content creator. They have come into a relationship through social media. During that time her boyfriend Anirudh was living in Canada and later on, he left Canada and moved to India. Therefore this section carries a huge significance in Mrunal Panchal biography as it provides the essential information which is associated with her personal life.


Through Mrunal Panchal biography you all will get inspiration from her life journey as she has achieved a lot of things. Besides this, it will also encourage people to do those things that they want to do in their life. The way she has taken the essential steps in her career is one of the best decisions because now she is influencing so many people out there.

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