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Paranosh Irani, a title winner of Femina Mrs. stylista west 2018. is an Indian content creator, blogger, and In recent times everyone follows their social media influencer and uses to learn tips from them. if you have an interest in learning makeup and the latest fashion so you must see paranoia Irani videos. Let’s start with Paranoia Irani’s biography .she was the title winner of Femina Mrs .stylista and is now a popular social media influencer and has 84k followers on her Instagram account. Her life story is very inspiring for today’s generation. you should know about her journey of becoming a popular social media influencer from a normal kindergarten teacher. so let’s read paranosh’s biography and the challenges she faced in her life.

Life School to Insta Reels

Her style mantra is also very unique ‘go bold or go home’ fashion always inspires her now lakhs of people are liking her style sense.

In our article on the Paranosh Irani Biography, we know about her early life, challenges, birthday, and success story. so lets at first she was just a kindergarten teacher and lives in Mumbai. she has a good sense of fashion, styling, and makeup. she always wants to be a professional influencer or blogger. So at first, she decides to write content related to beauty, makeup, and lifestyle, it becomes quite difficult to manage the time in a normal busy life for creating content. then on a fine day, she got selected in auditions and won the title of Femina Mrs. Stylista and after that day her life becomes totally changed. Paranosh got a lot of names, fame, and success, and then finally she becomes a social media influencer professionally and starts working very hard and now she came to the top beauty vloggers list.

Let’s discuss Paranosh Irani’s early life and family

Now, let’s start with Paranosh’s early life and family. Paranosh Irani Birthdate 23-11-1989 and belongs from Mumbai .she has done a master’s in human development and was a preschool teacher for 6 years. She has a married woman and kindergarten teacher who still has a good sense of the latest fashion, styling, and beauty and always wants to be a professional influencer.

Her style icon is Iris Apfel, a fashionista at 97 and she has fond of reading fashion magazines besides novels. She always used to feel that she had an ‘out-of-box-it’ factor which can make her successful but at that time she wasn’t enough confident and also had self-esteem issues. Later on time she follows her dream and start focusing on fashion blogging and content creation and start working hard to achieve all her goals and fulfill her dream.

Her quick life summary 

  • Name –Paranosh Irani
  • Professional-Beauty blogger
  • Birthday -23-11-1989
  • Birthplace-Mumbai
  • Hometown-Mumbai India
  • Nationality-Indian
  • Education –masters in human development
  • Marital status –married
  • Early profession –kindergarten teacher
  • Title- Femina Mrs.stylista

Paranosh Irani Social media Accounts and channel

We all know, Paranosh Irani has a huge fan base she has 84 thousand followers on Instagram .she used to make reels and videos related to beauty blogging and Facebook also.

InstagramParanosh Irani 
FacebookParanosh Irani
Youtube channelVlog with Paranosh
Social media Accounts of Paranosh Irani

Paranosh inspiration

Inspiration can get from everywhere, it is not difficult to find inspiration. if someone has the ability to fulfill your dreams and wishes that they can achieve a lot. most of the people has done work hard in their life. she has enough courage to fulfill all of her dreams and is able to make them true.

She use to post videos on youtube also .where she posted her birthday vlog .she made youtube shorts there and share all her beauty secrets of her, Paranosh Irani youtube channel is also growing very least

She says about the competition yeah right she says that competition is getting tough day by day. everyone’s is a beauty blogger right now. it’s not easy to stand out here with the proper success

We all know that only one mistake can ruin everyone’s career so we should have to take every step with proper knowledge .afterall this is the time of tough competition and competition is getting tough day by day. social media is getting popular day by day we all get addicted to seeing and following beauty vloggers. we usually keep them following their dressing style, makeup hacks,  beauty vlogs, etc. therefore we use to buy all the makeup products advertised by them. youtube is a very growing platform, therefore beauty vloggers

There is very much tough competition in the industry. It’s really being tough enough to survive in the industry and stand out. generally, influencers promote brands for their own benefit. because these kinds of paid partnerships are paid so for the sake of money .generally influencers promote brands that are not actually suitable for the people.

Family pressure and problems

At the time of the Paranosh Irani struggle. These kinds of problems which every girl has to face .it is tough to make a balance between career and family .it can create problems in personal and married life also.

But being a strong and independent woman .person has to control her emotions and stress. women also need to fulfill the emotional needs of the family. but Paranosh said that at first, she faces problems but later on things got better I have faced many challenges but later on my family accepted it as my profession and now we happily living our lives. my family is supporting me in all ups and downs.

She is a popularly known digital creator, used to shoot videos related to creating content, and used to shoot videos related to skincare, makeup reviews, and whole lifestyle content on her website.

How Paranosh Irani starts her career?

Firstly, she enrolled her name in an image consulting course, and then she got a huge inspiration to be a professional influencer. Let’s discuss Paranosh Irani’s career and the challenges of her life. she has experience in content creation and online websites then she thoughts that why I can’t manage two jobs? So after that, she decides on the journey of blogging on Instagram and starts to write beauty blogs on WordPress blog account .which were loved by all.

Paranosh Irani starts to create content related to fashion, skincare, makeup reviews, and many more which can be relatable to lifestyle but that wasn’t easy to manage time with regular life and responsibilities and everyone should be face problems in starting of journey.

She thinks that it’s important to push your boundaries and get out of your comfort zone after that it becomes easy to live your dream and passion. then one fine day, her friend gave her name for the ‘Femina Mrs. stylist pageant’

Paranosh Irani passed the audition and got selected for the pageant and it’s unexpectable for her that she became a finalist and won the title.

Why Paranosh Irani decides to start creating content?

I had always wanted to fashion designing and something related to fashion since school days back then my parents didn’t see it fit for me to pursue it so I dropped the idea but the love for it never went and when I shifted to Pune after marriage, my style also changed a lot along the way, I would dress up real stylish in my preschool, the mums there would ask me where I purchased things from…that gave me the confidence to start taking my pics uploading them on Instagram and I had done image consultation in 2015 so that kind of added to my style journey…I also won the FEMINA MRS STYLISTA PAGEANT ALONG THE WAY IN 2018

After winning the pageant she truly starts believing in herself and starts focusing on her dream profession.

Paranosh Challenges and tough competition

Everyone faced many challenges during the struggle .especially women have to face many kinds of restrictions, problems, and up-downs. let’s know about Paranosh Irani Life challenges and competition especially at the time of very tough competition it’s not easy to stand out .she says There’s not any major challenge but in this age where every second profile on Instagram is a content creator ..the constant challenge is to stand out! What makes you different.

Paranosh’s success journey

The Paranosh Irani success journey starts from being housewived while living a normal life. she wants to start her fashion blogging career and wants to achieve a successful life. suddenly she got chosen for the pageant and unexpectedly she won that title .after that she got her way and just wants to grow her success. The paranosh’s success journey is actually very inspiring for an upcoming generation. That is why we write an article on Paranosh Irani Biography for the upcoming Instagram fashion Influencer.

Her journey is also very exciting and the trouble facing .this time is getting tough day by day because of the popularity of getting these

Let’s know What she says about makeup?

 She is not a makeup artist & I have learned makeup on my own .makeup is an outlet to share my creativity! Don’t be afraid to hold the eye pencil.

Most of us have done masters in the basics of makeup. but doing makeup with proper. we always used to follow the influencers for getting the best makeup hacks .which can be useful for us.

Brand collaborations

Paranosh Irani started earning until last year. There have been over 100 brands I have worked with past 3 years. She had achieved a lot of success in just a very small period of time. famous brands include Lakme, Loreal Paris, ponds, etc.

Here are some beautiful pictures of Paranosh Irani

Choose wisely

Vloggers are becoming influential day by day. They used to provide valuable information about products and services. actually, they have the potential to influence consumers’ choices and decisions. so you should have to choose your social media influencer very wisely. youtube is a platform where many social media influencers are making videos but you have to be clever enough that whom you are following.

This is the biography of paranosh Irani and she got success after facing any kind of challenges and problems .here story surely will inspire thousands of upcoming girls who live with the fear of fulfilling their dreams

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