A Fashion influencer is a person who has a substantial following on her social media profile. A great influence on her follower’s beauty products and services. generally, The Top 10 Instagram fashion influencers in India 2022 women have always loved beauty products and services. At today’s trending time there is a huge craze among people related to social media influencers.

At today’s trending time there is a huge craze among people related to social media influencers. let’s know who are the beauty influencers. A beauty influencer is a person who has a following on her social media profile. A major influence on her follower’s beauty products and services. But generally social media users can easily engage with their target audience .lnfluncers use it to share their vlogs, videos with their audience.

They used different social media content material, while it is not important that those particular influencers are trained, makeup artists, and professionals. They may be capable of getting a true following still the sincerity and genuinity in their digital content. They also use to get in touch with their audience and answer their queries and questions related.

we all know that generally women always loved beauty products. We also know the manufacturers of beauty products .when they market and sell their products on social channels like Instagram, Facebook, youtube, and Tik-Tok turning into a rage amongst net users these days. It makes business sense for brands to collaborate with famous beauty influencers and target their audiences.

we all know that Instagram is a leading platform and social media marketing is also increasing day by day. At this time all top beauty influencers on Instagram are engaging with the brands and endorsing brands and beauty products.

1) Mrunal Panchal has Followers 3.1 million

Mrunal Panchal is one of the famous Instagrammers in India. She has 3.1 million followers on Instagram. She is an Indian social media influencer, works on youtube, and makeup artist too. She Lives in Gujarat and is also has a huge fan base on her Mrunal Panchal Instagram profile. She becomes famous for her tik-tok videos .she use to shares her makeup tips and videos.

She started her Youtube journey on 14 Dec 2018 and was named ‘gujju unicorn’ she starts uploading videos on makeup tutorials. She used to upload vlogs and challenging videos and gets huge growth in a small period of time.

Her videos get more than a thousand views now she had 726k subscribers on her youtube channel. Mrunal was also a very popular tik-toker in 2019. she was also popular at til-tok.


She has featured in various Hindi music albums like ‘tom cruise (2020). Kaise kahu’ and ‘Dil ki baatein’ (2021) which was sung by her boyfriend Anirudh Sharma.

In 2020 after TikTok banned India, she started making reels on Instagram which began trending unexpectedly. Her Instagram account was trending and her fans started increasing with time.

2) Shaurya sanadhaya tulshyan has Followers 502k

Shaurya is a famous fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger. she also owns a clothing label called Shauryasandhyalabel and a skincare product called Aryamskincare. Her recent followers on Instagram are more than 400k and 120k plus subscribers on youtube.

Actually blogging was not her first career choice. Shaurya began with modeling and start working as a model and use to walk on ramps and walked with reputed designers. Likewise Rohit Bal, Swapnil Shinde, and Nivedita Sahoo. Shaurya sanadhaya tulshyan was in her third-year-old got a chance to act in soap opera called “dhund legi manzil hume’’ and now people are following her on Shaurya sanadhaya tulshyan Instagram profile.

And later time she also clears the(Air force Common Admission Test). She doesn’t have much interest in that also so she starts pursuing in economics and works 9 to 5 jobs for a year almost.

But later on, she decides that she is not made for this 9 to 5 job made for this 9-to-5 task habitual. She took a jump of faith with the aid of quitting this sort of coveted process and launching herself as a self-employed fashion running a blog. moreover, she stepped into this world with her own fashion label.

She become obtained properly via her audience and is a leading name in the industry today. the challenge to her credit is the organic skincare logo, Aryam skincare, which reflects her love for fashion and beauty in equal measures. On her YouTube channel, Shaurya stocks her applicable knowledge by way of filming makeup and skincare videos

3) kriti Dhir has Followers 626k

Kriti dhir is a famous celebrity makeup artist on social media .she is one of the most popular makeup artists in India .she has more than 400k followers on social media. Usually, people say not to see dreams. she is one of the best examples of feminism. she is a celebrity makeup artist and very popular among all the famous celebrities. she gives bridal makeup tips to brides and girls.

Kriti made her name popular in the industry and she is a highly demanded makeup artist in Delhi. She gives tough competition to her competitors in the industry. Every girl’s dream is to be a beautiful bride and looks like a fairy in her marriage .kriti fills their dream and gives a lifetime memory of looking good Actually it happens because of the magic in her hand. The unique techniques which she used during make-up. She belongs from Delhi and started her career in 2010. She starts making Instagram reels and videos and shows her talent and she got 650k followers on Kirti Dhir Instagram Profile in a very minimum time period.

We all know that Kirti dhir is a makeup artist and a very popular Instagram influencer as well. She becomes famous for her beautiful looks and charming face. but most people don’t know about Kirti dhir and broken marriages Kriti’s first marriage has failed. but now she is married to noted businessman Vijay Duggal. They both meet during the time of lockdown and decide to marry each other after falling in love.

Now she is very happy in her second marriage and her husband is also very supportive. His understanding also lives in a favour of women’s empowerment. They both in a support of women’s empowerment and breaks social barriers.

4) Shreya jain has Followers 452K

She is a beauty vlogger and popular social media influencer and she has 446k followers on her Instagram account. Shreyas’s fashion sense is liked by lakhs of people. She also owns a youtube channel where she uploads videos related to beauty vlogging, makeup product reviews, tutorials, and challenges. Her Instagram and youtube accounts are trending with videos related to DIY stuff.

She is a beauty vlogger and popular social media influencer and she has 446k followers on her Shreya Jain Instagram Profile. Shreyas’s fashion sense is liked by lakhs of people. Shreya Jain has her own youtube channel where she uploads videos related to beauty vlogging. She is also doing makeup product reviews, tutorials, and challenges. Her Instagram and youtube accounts are trending with videos related to DIY stuff.

She belongs from Delhi and graduated with in electronics and communication from Delhi university. Shreya Jain has Followers 452K has a huge interest in beauty and fahion and starts doing blogging. She has also have done MBA in social media business analytics. One of the popular Top 10 Instagram Fashion Influencers in India 2022 and her pictures are trending on social media.

5) Juhi godambe has Followers 524K

Juhi godambe has beautiful pictures in various designer dresses. Actually, she gets her popularity for location-based fashion modeling, and like other top influencers. She also endorses brands and beauty products and shares beauty products review videos on her Juhigodambe Instagram profile and youtube accounts. She recently got married to her schooltime boyfriend Siddharth Jain. However, She celebrated all her wedding traditions in Alibag and now she is living a happy married life with her loved one.

6) Swati Verma has Followers 524k

Swati is a professional makeup artist and belongs to Delhi. she has efficient and proper knowledge related to beauty and makeup. she has done specialization in bridal makeup from London. she also owns a brand called Swati Verma Cosmetics and she has done specialization in bridal makeup from London. Now she has 524k followers on her Swati Verma Instagram profile.

7) Malvika sitlani Aryan has Followers 506k

She is a famous and popular beauty vlogger. she also starred in the first season of the TV series India’s next top model. Malvika south Indian and belongs to Mumbai and like a normal lifestyle is not as easy as the way its looks,malvika used to stammer during her school time but still she faces all challenges, and Now she becomes one of the top social media influencers in India. She used to do endorse beauty products and brands which helps in increasing followers on her Malvika sitlani Instagram Profile.

8 )guneet vardi has Followers 762k

She holds a degree in BCom and learned from a college in London. On the other hand, has a huge fan base on Instagram and getting more popular days. She is a professional beauty blogger and has 762k followers on guneetvirdimua Instagram Profile. She is more popular for her looks and dresses and well known for bridal makeup. she is one of the leading makeup artists in India and her studio is in Lodhi garden New Delhi.

9) Paranosh Irani has Followers 84.4K

She is the title winner of Femina Mrs.stylista west 2018. she is an Indian content creator, blogger, and social media influencer. she gets her popularity because of her fashion, beauty, lifestyle content which are appreciated by all but today we are going to know about prananoshs lifestyle getting a huge fan base on her social media platforms. you will get all information related to her life.

Sometimes life gives new direction and changes the life of a person. This is exactly what happens with the paranoia of Irani. She gets huge success in her life after winning the title of Femina Mrs. stylista her career start to influence her, now she has 84.4k followers on Paranosh Irani Instagram Profile and she uses to collaborate with the top and popular brands.

10) Roshni Bhatia has Followers 567k

Roshni becomes a mother at a very young age. She is also a popular social media influencer and among the top 10 Instagram Fashion Influencers in India 2022. She has 585k followers on Roshni Bhatia Instagram Profile and youtube channel. she also runs her youtube channel. She was raised by a single mother and faced lots of difficulties during her life. she faced very tough conditions in her life she divorced her husband after a toxic relationship and starts focusing on her career and becomes a popular social media influencer.
Here is the list of top social media influencers and their success stories .hoping that you like this article and all information about them.


In conclusion, we have these Top 10 Instagram Fashion Influencers in India 2022. You can follow them if you want to become influencers in the same field or have the aim to establish yourself in this industry as a profession. through this, you will get enough ideas for a way to move on.

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