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Food Vloggers are those who share their recipe plans which can be done in the form of blogs. There are so many food Vloggers on Instagram who are using their social media accounts in the right way, and it is so informative also. More importantly, their blogs are becoming the best source to give their followers all the authentic information when it comes to cooking. 

Besides this, many people loves to do cooking and if they saw any food Vlogger who are giving the recipe tips of the dishes and how to make a dish more healthy which is something every women can also do while cooking the dishes in the kitchen. Even though there are so many instagram food Vloggers who are specialised in bakery and many more. Apart from this, they also upload the cooking videos on the YouTube Channel, which can benefit so many people.

All these reasons are clearly justified that why the food Vloggers are so trending these days and there followers are also increasing. Furthermore their social media accounts are building a very strong platform that will help them to reach out the wider audience and shown their interest in culinary sphere. Therefore it is such a great thing for the food Vloggers to showcase their cooking skills to the audience who are waiting desperate for their next uploads of videos, blogs which they can follow and learn a new and a healthy dish also. More importantly all these activities can benefit their followers to such a great extent.

Top 10 Food Vloggers on Instagram

Here are the Top 10 Food Vloggers on Instagram who are providing authentic information related to food dishes that one can follow while cooking and make the healthy dishes which can benefit in so many ways.

Uma Raghuraman

Uma Raghuraman is known as Masterchefmom, and she is very passionate when it comes to cooking. She has to quit her job as she has to stay home. Due to this reason, she started sharing the food recipes on her social media accounts as she wants to continue her passion for cooking.

Uma is a self-taught baker, and she usually attempts to balance out the taste and nutrition in all the dishes that she cooks which is a very important thing. She is thankful to her family for their constant support and there is a ritual in her family to cook together during the weekends. 

Uma Raghuraman Social Media Accounts and Handle

Uma Raghuraman is quite popular and she has 205K followers on Instgram

Youtube channelMasterchefmom
Social media Accounts of Uma Raghuraman

Deeba Rajpal

Deeba Rajpal is known as the food writer and she is regarded as one of the famous Bakery Chef. She is so talented that she has written a cookbook also. Furthermore, Uma has also commenced her own YouTube channel which she named as Passionate about Baking. By taking the support of her Youtube Channel she usually shares the baking tips by putting more emphasis on the seasonal ingredients.

It can become the source of so many women following those videos of baking when they want to do baking in their own home. More importantly, she is a prominent member in the Culinary Council at Kitchen Aid India. However, all these things can make us in love with food as she is so talented food Vloggers on Instagram that one can follow.

Deeba Rajpal Social Media Accounts and Handle

Deeba Rajpal is a famous personality and she has 266K followers on Instagram

FacebookPassionate About Baking
Youtube channelPassionateAboutBaking
Social media Accounts of Deeba Rajpal 


Anushruti is known by as a recipe developer and a food presenter. She is the creator of the blog, which she named as the Divine Taste.

Anushruti is more associated with the sattvic and ayurvedic cooking and she is also a nutrition expert. Besides this, she has hosted a top-rated digital cooking show titled Divine Taste with Anushruti. More importantly, she has other achievements also as she has been featured in the Wall Street Journal blog, BBC Good Food which is commendable.

Anushruti Social Media Accounts and Handle

Anushruti is a famous food Vlogger and she has 13.1K followers on Instagram

FacebookDivine Taste with Anushruti
Youtube channelDivine Taste with Anushruti
Social media Accounts of Anushruti

Karan Dua

Karan Dua was born in 1989 in Delhi and he is a food Vlogger and a YouTuber. Besides this he is a Delhi local guy who started his own YouTube Channel, which he named Dilsefoodie, where one can see the videos of looking for the food corners. Furthermore, Karan loves to travel on the streets of Delhi for food only as he loves to eat and travel. Moreover, he has even taken an interest in organizing several food Vloggers and the meet up of foodies also. 

Therefore, his qualities make him such a fantastic food Vloggers on Instagram as people love his personality. However, the lockdown phase has allowed him to focus more on the home cooking which includes Kadi Chawal, Sambhar Dosa and many more.

His quick life summary

Name- Karan Dua

Professional- Food Vlogger

Birthplace- Delhi, India

Hometown- Delhi

Nationality- Indian

Physical Appearance of Karan Dua

Height: 5′ 10”

Weight: 75 Kg

Karan Dua Social Media Accounts and Handle

Karan Dua has a huge fan base and he has 996K followers on Instagram

FacebookDil Se Foodie
Youtube channelDilsefoodie Official
Social media Accounts of Karan Dua

Archit Agarwal

Archit Agarwal is a well-known food Vlogger and he named his blog as Life of Simple Treats (LOST). Archit’s cooking has the influence of numerous cuisines but the main thing is that all the dishes reflect Indian touch, which makes the dishes tasty.

Thus his blog acts as a very good source of knowing and recreating the tasty dishes. There are many people who want to try out for the new dishes and they can take help from his blog.

Archit Agarwal Social Media Accounts and Handle

Archit Agarwal has massive followers and he has 48.6K followers on Instagram

Youtube channelArchit Agarwal
Social media Accounts of Archit Agarwal

Shivesh Bhatia

Shivesh Bhatia was born on 23rd April, 1996 in New Delhi and he becomes famous of his blog which he named as Bake with Shivesh blog. More importantly, his main expertise comes in the bakery sphere as he is a self-taught baker.

When it comes to bakery, all his knowledge becomes a huge factor for the people who love to do baking as they can easily follow his style and recipes and enjoy it. Furthermore, Shivesh is the author of the book Bake with Shivesh which holds all his favourite recipes as all his skills making him a leading name in the list of food Vloggers on Instagram which is a very big advantage for him.

His quick life summary

Name- Shivesh Bhatia

Professional- Food Vlogger

Birthday-23rd April, 1996

Birthplace- New Delhi, India

Hometown- New Delhi

Nationality- Indian

Physical Appearance of Shivesh Bhatia

Height: 5′ 6”

Weight: 62 Kg

Shivesh Bhatia Social Media Accounts and Handle

Shivesh Bhatia is quiet popular and he has 703K followers on Instagram

FacebookBake With Shivesh
Youtube channelBake With Shivesh
Social media Accounts of Shivesh Bhatia

Archana Doshi

Archana Doshi is a food Vlogger and she created her own YouTube Channel which she named as Archana’s Kitchen. Besides this, her main motive is to share the ideas which are related to the food, some recipe trips which can enrich the nutrition.

Archana’s blogs seems to be a good information provider as she is telling all the necessary details regarding the different Indian dishes. More importantly, one can easily follow her recipes and can become a chef in their own kitchen.

Archana Doshi Social Media Accounts and Handle

Archana Doshi is quiet popular and she has 362K followers on Instagram

Youtube channelArchana’s Kitchen
Social media Accounts of Archana Doshi

Ankiet Gulabani

Ankiet Gulabani’s blog Belly over Mind has become the platform for displaying the beautiful and mouth-watering pictures of the food. Furthermore, his blog showcases the recipes where all the attention directly goes to the different types of fruits and vegetables.

Aniket loves to find new ingredients, developing a new technique that makes a dish unique in its own ways. Therefore his unique style of cooking and interest in the food makes him a very impactful food Vloggers on Instagram because people liked the food related posts.

Ankiet Gulabani Social Media Accounts and Handle

Ankiet Gulabani has become prominent name and he has 35.6K followers on Instagram

FacebookAnkiet Gulabani
Youtube channelBelly Over Mind
Social media Accounts of Ankiet Gulabani

Nikita Varma

Nikita Varma is a well-known food Vlogger who has the speciality in creating her own food recipes which will make the dish more authentic so that the people can also follow them while cooking the food.

More importantly, her main attempt is to focus more on the food styling as it will become an important factor which will enhance the value of the feed as people got to see new things. Therefore, her approach towards the cooking make her a very good food Vloggers on Instagram because of her contribution.

Nikita Varma Social Media Accounts and Handle

Nikita Varma has become a prominent name and she has 349K followers on Instagram

Youtube channelNikita Varma
Social media Accounts of Nikita Varma

Shagun Malhotra

Shagun Malhotra was born on 11th December 1991 in Delhi, and she is a food Vlogger. Besides this, she was the founder of My Food Project.

Therefore she also gives recommendations to her followers related to what to eat. Besides this the way she creates recipe videos helps her to gain so many followers which seems to be a very big advantage for her.

Her quick life summary

Name- Shagun Malhotra

Professional- Food Vlogger

Birthday-11th December 1991

Birthplace- Delhi, India

Hometown- Delhi

Nationality- Indian

Shagun Malhotra Social Media Accounts and Handle

Shagun Malhotra has massive popularity and she has 230K followers on Instagram.

Youtube channelMy Food Project
Social media Accounts of Shagun Malhotra 

All these food Vloggers on Instagram are providing the best cooking tips which can make the dish healthier. Therefore the presence of the right nutrients is essential in the meal, and these food Vloggers are doing their best to spread the information to their followers. Furthermore, it proves that how food Vloggers are providing the best information of so many healthy recipes which on can add in their diet. More importantly the presence of right nutrients in the meal is a very important thing as it can’t be ignored in any case. Therefore by following their suggestions and tips seems to be a very big advantage as people got to learn so many things. Furthermor.e they are also focusing on highlighting the importantance of right nutrients in the food which is a very essential information.

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