Travel influencers in IndiaTravel influencers in India

There are many Instagram travel influencers in India who love to create blogs, videos that are based on the topics like traveling, culture. Travel Influencers are referred to those personalities who have established their own channels on numerous social media platforms. More importantly, their followers also like their trips and their suggestions of their preferred places.

The way these travel influencers looked up to their lives is so motivating as they go on to one place to another and capture all the moments to share their journey to the world, which is amazing. Besides this also put emphasis on the unexplored places which one can consider if they want to go out. Their enthusiasm towards life and to do those things which they love is very motivating for their followers. It is pretty obvious that every new place has its speciality and some factors that make them unique and when someone senses all these things, it would become so memorable for life as these influencers can look up to those aspects so closely.

Every experience of travelling has something to learn and it gives new insights of travelling. The travel influencers are trying their best to provide their audience the best information of beautiful destinations and collect the beautiful experiences.

Top 10 Instagram travel influencers in India

Here are the Top 10 Instagram travel influencers in India who are just becoming influential personalities. They are inspiring people towards the travel choices that one can explore and create beautiful memories.

Nikhil Sharma

Nikhil Sharma was born on 4th November 1991 in Mumbai and he loves to do travelling and he has visited many places and Ladakh is his favourite place. More importantly, he has started his YouTube Channel which he named as the “Mumbiker Nikhil” and he became very popular when he has posted on Ladakh Journey video. 

Therefore after the upload of this video, he has gained a lot of followers who are liking his work and his YouTube channel also started growing.

His quick life summary

Name- Nikhil Sharma

Profession- Travel Blogger

Birthday – 4th November 1991

Birthplace- Mumbai, India

Hometown- Mumbai

Nationality- Indian

Physical Appearance of Nikhil Sharma

Height: 5’11’’

Weight: 90 Kg

Nikhil Sharma Social Media Accounts and channel

Nikhil Sharma has a huge fan base and he has 1.3 million followers on Instagram

FacebookMumbiker Nikhil
Youtube channelMumbikerNikhil
Social media Accounts of Nikhil Sharma

Shivya Nath

Shivya Nath was born in 1988 in Dehradun and she has worked as a social media strategist at Singapore Tourism Board. From there onwards, she was introduced to the world of social networking and she has commenced with her own travel blogs as her interest in traveling increases.

She has also travelled the Western Europe and she became very popular with the blog which she named as The Shooting Star as she shares her experience of travelling which are liked by the audience. She has worked for many prominent magazines which include BBC Travel.

Her quick life summary

Name- Shivya Nath

Profession- Travel Blogger

Birthday – 4th November 1991

Birthplace- Mumbai,India

Hometown- Mumbai

Nationality- Indian

Physical Appearance of Shivya Nath

Height: 5’ 4’’

Weight: 76 Kg

Shivya Nath Social Media Accounts and channel

Shivya Nath is very popular, and she has 105K followers on Instagram

Youtube channelTheShootingStarBlog
Social media Accounts of Shivya Nath

Siddhartha Joshi

Siddhartha Joshi was born on 30th January 1980 in Mumbai. He is a well – known blogger and a travel writer as well. In his blog The Wanderer, he usually shares multiple travelogues and shares some his travelling tips that can benefit his followers.

Siddhartha’s blog gives you the insight of the beautiful destinations which one can go .He is the member of the famous blogger list which is a very big achievement. Due to all these reasons, he has huge number of followers and he is a very impactful Instagram travel influencers in India because of his unique personality.

His quick life summary

Name- Siddhartha Joshi

Profession- Travel Blogger

Birthday – 30th January 1980

Birthplace- Mumbai, India

Hometown- Mumbai

Nationality- Indian

Physical Appearance of Siddhartha Joshi

Height: 5’ 5’’

Weight: 77 Kg

Siddhartha Joshi Social Media Accounts and channel

Siddhartha Joshi is a famous personality and she has 127K followers on Instagram

Youtube channelSiddhartha Joshi
Social media Accounts of Siddhartha Joshi

Anunay Sood

Anunay Sood was born in 1994 in Uttarakhand. He is known as a travel vlogger and a photographer. Anunay has immense love and passion towards travelling and exploring new places.

He started his journey as a marketing specialist but he has the wish to live his life outside from the corporate world as he wants to life his life fullest, he became a travel vlogger. On his social media accounts like Instagram, he received immense amount of love.

His quick life summary

Name- Anunay Sood

Profession- Travel Blogger

Birthday – 1994

Birthplace- Uttarakhand, India

Hometown- Uttarakhand

Nationality- Indian

Physical Appearance of Anunay Sood

Height: 5’ 6’’

Weight: 60 Kg

Anunay Sood Social Media Accounts and channel

Anunay Sood is a popular social media icon and she has 840K followers on Instagram

Youtube channelAnunay Sood
Social media Accounts of Anunay Sood

Shenaz Treasury

Shenaz Treasury was born on 29th June 1981 in Maharashtra. She is a travel vlogger and an actress also.

She has been the tourist of many places and she loves to post the videos of her travelling experience and she is one the best Instagram travel influencers in India as she likes to give descriptions of the visuals of the sight. 

Her quick life summary

Name- Shenaz Treasury

Profession- Travel Vlogger

Birthday –29th June 1981 

Birthplace- Maharashtra, India

Hometown- Maharashtra


Shenaz Treasury Physical Appearance

Height: 5’4

Weight: 58 kg

Shenaz Treasury Social Media Accounts and channel

Shenaz Treasury is quite popular and she has 958K followers on Instagram

Social media Accounts of Shenaz Treasury

Nivedith Gajapathy

Nivedith Gajapathy was born in Bangalore. He was also known by the name of MacroTraveller and he is travel writer alsoHis love for travelling allowed him to travel 23 states in India.

Nivedith’s works for the top leading magazines will be regarded as the future in the field of travel blogging.

His quick life summary

Name- Nivedith Gajapathy

Profession- Travel Blogger

Birthplace-Bangalore, India

Hometown- Bangalore

Nationality- Indian

Nivedith Gajapathy Social Media Accounts and channel

Nivedith Gajapathy has a huge fan base and he has 254K followers on Instagram

FacebookNivedith Gajapathy
Social media Accounts of Nivedith Gajapathy

Ami Bhat

Ami Bhat was born in Gujarat. She considered travelling as a big part of his life and she always enjoyed each and every journey. More importantly, she has also started with the traveling blogs and her favourite’s places to visit are Ladakh and Udaipur.

Through her blog which she named as Thrilling Travel contains stories that are full with adventure and fun. In addition, one can be inspired by her stories and she became a prominent name in the list of travel influencers in India who are just enjoying their life.

Her quick life summary

Name- Ami Bhat

Profession- Travel Blogger

Birthplace-Gujarat, India

Hometown- Gujarat

Nationality- Indian

Ami Bhat Social Media Accounts and channel

Ami Bhat is a popular social media icon and she has 16.3 K followers on Instagram

Youtube channelAmi Bhat
Social media Accounts of Ami Bhat

Shramona Poddar

Shramona Poddar was born on October 1, 1993 in India. She is a famous personality and she keeps posting photos which are related to the nature, landscapes, different mountains and hiking trails.

Shramona also posts a variety of modelling shots in beautiful landscapes which gives the insights of her travelling which is the best thing. All these things are liked by her followers because they all are very different and all are related to travelling.

Her quick life summary

Name- Shramona Poddar

Profession- Travel Blogger

Birthplace- India

Hometown- Gujarat

Nationality- Indian

Shramona Poddar Social Media Accounts and channel

Shramona Poddar is very famous and she has 139K followers on Instagram

FacebookShramona Poddar
Social media Accounts of Shramona Poddar

Mohammad Salim Khan

Mohammad Salim Khan was born on 9th December 1991 in Mumbai. He is also known as MSK because he has commenced his Youtube Channel with MSK vlogs.

He is the one who goes on adventures and bike rides as all these things inspired him to start up with the vlogging for bike tips.

His quick life summary

Name- Mohammad Salim Khan

Profession- Travel Vlogger

Birthday-9th December 1991

Birthplace- Mumbai, India

Hometown– Mumbai

Nationality- Indian

Physical Appearance of Mohammad Salim Khan

Height: 5’6’’

Weight: 70Kg

Mohammad Salim Khan Social Media Accounts and channel

Mohammad Salim Khan is a leading name in the field of travel influencers and he has 412K followers on Instagram

Youtube channelMSK
Social media Accounts of Mohammad Salim Khan

Vishakha Fulsunge

Vishakha Fulsunge was born on 3rd November in 1993 in Mumbai. She is a female bike rider and she is famous by the name of RiderGirl Vishakha.

She has started her own YouTube Channel where she shares her riding experiences and she is becoming the women who is breaking the stereotype that is build up in the society.

Her quick life summary

Name- Vishakha Fulsunge


Birthday – 3rd November in 1993

Birthplace-Mumbai, India

Hometown- Mumbai

Nationality- Indian

Physical Appearance of Vishakha Fulsunge

Height: 5’5’’

Weight: 55kg

Vishakha Fulsunge Social Media Accounts and channel

Vishakha Fulsunge is a popular personality and she has 613K followers on Instagram

Youtube channelRiderGirl Vishakha
Social media Accounts of Vishakha Fulsunge 

All these Instagram travel influencers in India are giving the best information when it comes to travelling and exploring new places. Therefore their followers also enjoy their journey of travelling and by taking the support of the social media like Instagram where their travelling experience becomes the central point of attraction for their followers as they have a great interest to look up at their travelling experience.

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