Tahira Kashyap Biography

You all want to know about Tahira’s journey then you must look at the Tahira Kashyap biography which will display all the glimpses of her life. Tahira Kashyap is known as an Indian writer as she has written the 3 books and she is the director of the theatre. Apart from this Tahira is the wife of a very famous Bollywood actor and singer Ayushman Khurrana.

More importantly, the biography acts as the best way to know someone’s life in detail as it covers all the events that happened and how the person deal with them. The biography of Tahira has all the elements which can add value and give you all to look up life with a different approach and be optimistic in the different situations that will come in the way.

There are so many events that are occurred in her life and you will get to know them through this biography as it covers all the aspects of her life.

Tahira Kashyap Early Life Story

The first thing that starts with knowing is  Tahira Kashyap early life story. She was born on 21st January 1985 in Chandigarh. Tahira belongs to a Brahmin family and her father’s name is Yajan Kashyap and her mother’s name is Anita Kashyap. She did her schooling at the Yadavindra Public College, Mohali, and she has completed her graduation from Punjab University, Chandigarh. Apart from this, she holds a degree of Master’s Degree in Communication also.

She was one of the active members when it comes to the college theatre group and she was also part of the theatre groups which are happening outside her college as she holds a strong interest in it. More importantly, she has also worked for the post of Assistant Professor at Mithibai College which is in Mumbai. After that, she has also commenced teaching at the R.D National College and W.A Science College. Even though she was also given a post of Programming Head at BIG 92.7 FM.

Her quick life summary

Name- Tahira Kashyap

Profession-Writer and Theatre Director

Birthday- 21st January 1985


Hometown-Chandigarh, India


Education- Master’s Degree in Communication

Marital Status-Married

Physical Appearance of Tahira Kashyap

Height: 5’6’’

Weight: 60kg

Tahira Kashyap Social Media Accounts and channel

We all know, Tahira Kashyap has a huge fan base as people are liking her personality and social media is the best way to know all the activities that are associated with her daily life. She has 447K followers on Instagram.

Instagram tahirakashyap
Facebook tahirakashyap
Twitter @tahira_k
Social media Accounts of Tahira Kashyap

Tahira Kashyap Career

Another important aspect of everyone’s life is the career and it has been covered in Tahira Kashyap bio due to its significance. After completing her education and working on various posts, Tahira Kashyap career began when she has taken interest in the field of writing and this happened in the year 2011. Therefore she started to carry forward with the interest of writer she has started writing books. As a result of her own skills, Tahira had debuted in the field of writing where she can showcase the skills of writing to a very large extent. Firstly she has written a book which titled as the I Promise a Story of Love and Deceit. In the year 2012, she has written another book Souled Out. 

Thus in the year, 2015 Tahira has even co-authored the biography along with her husband Ayushmann Khurrana. They have titled the biography with the name of cracking the codes: A Journey to Bollywood. Besides this, she has other desires also as she wanted to go ahead with the direction also. She has even directed short films like “Pinni” and “Toffee”. 

More importantly, her short film Toffee was even screened at the Mumbai Film Festival and she got huge appreciation also. Besides this Tahira has made her debut with the post of feature film director with the Sharma Ji Ki Beti. She has formed a cinema collective with the name of “Indian Women Rising” with Ekta Kapoor and Guneet Monga. Because it encourages women directors so that they can showcase their talent. All these qualities of her help her to come a long way and she has created her own identity.

Tahira Kashyap Illness

One of the toughest times for Tahira was when she was diagnosed with stage 0 breast cancer in 2018. Due to Tahira Kashyap illness she has to go through with mastectomy surgery as this was part of her treatment. More importantly, her disease did not become her weak point and she fought with her disease with bravery. All these things show that she has strong willpower as she can fight with situations Therefore she has even started with the series which is composed of 7 episodes on the Audible Suno which she titled the ‘My EX-Breast’.

By taking the support of this platform she talked about how she fought cancer and its effect on her family. Because it was a very tough time and it is very important to be strong. Thus it is a very good thing that Tahira always come up in the front and share her experience with a wide audience. Her fearless attitude and her strong willpower are the two important aspects that can inspire people. Besides this, it is not an easy task to open up about your journey as it takes lots of guts to express the views and this phase of her life needs a special mention in the Tahira Kashyap biography which is a very big thing.

Tahira Kashyap Personal Life

It’s time to know Tahira Kashyap personal life in detail and she was married to Ayushman Khurana in 2011 after a courtship of 12 years. They both are childhood friends as they both belong to the same place which is Chandigarh. Today they both stand together as strong pillars for each other which is a very good thing as her personal life is also a very important attribute in Tahira Kashyap biography. Besides this, they both are blessed with two children one girl and her name is Varushka and one boy and his name is Virajveer respectively.

The best thing is that Tahira Kashyap biography can become a source of motivation for so many people. She is an independent and fearless woman who can fight her own battle and she is courageous enough to speak up on the illness that she is facing. Tahira is a multi-talented woman as she is so talented who always look up to new things and always wanted to give her best.

Tahira’s journey can be considered as a roller coaster ride where there are so many ups and downs in each and every step. But her never give up attitude allows her to accept all the challenges and fight them with bravery. Tahira’s journey is so inspiring for so many people as they got to know her life very closely. They are able to know each and every phase that is associated with her life.  

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