Kusha Kapila BiographyKusha Kapila Biography

The best way to go through someone’s life then you must go ahead with the option of biography as it covers all the important things. It’s the time to know Kusha Kapila biography as she is truly an internet sensation in today’s time. Kusha Kapila is a well-known content writer, social media icon and actress also. One of the prominent reasons for her popularity is the way that she has played the fictional character of Billi Massi. The way she conducts herself and her unique personality become the reason that her followers are liking so much and they are waiting desperately for what she will upload next in her social media accounts. More importantly, the biography of Kusha will be able to showcase her entire life instances.

Through each and every phase you will get the chance to understand where she has started and what all she did in her life to achieve such a higher position as it requires a lot of hard work and dedication.

Kusha Kapila Early Life Story

Now you will know Kusha Kapila early life story in an elaborated manner. She was born on 19th September 1989 in Delhi. She grew up in North Delhi and she came from a joint family her childhood life was extremely disciplined. Kusha has completed her schooling in South Delhi and her mother made sure that she did well in academics as it is very important for her development. She has completed her graduation in English Honours from Indraprastha College for Women, Delhi University. Later on, she went to study at one of the prestigious institutes National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) as she wanted to pursue a Bachelor of Design. Besides this, in her college life, she has also joined the theatre and she was also part of street plays also. All these details are important in Kusha Kapila biography as it highlights her background journey.

Her quick life summary

Name- Kusha Kapila

Profession- Content writer and Social Media Icon

Birthday- 19th September 1989


Hometown-Delhi, India


Education-Graduation in English Honours

Marital Status-Married

Physical Appearance of Kusha Kapila

Height: 5’5’’

Weight: 59 Kg

Kusha Kapila Career

It’s the time to know Kusha Kapila career and what she did as a career is one of the most important phases in life as it will act as a turning point in life. Therefore, the Kusha Kapila biography will cover each stage of her career. Initially, she has the wish to become a journalist but destiny has some other plans. As of now, Kusha is involved in the field of creating humorous content. She has worked as a Fashion Correspondent for a Delhi based firm Apparel online.

Her career journey was not over yet as Kusha worked further also as she had gained the post of a Trend Analyst and she was also involved in the field of content writer for Fashion Forward Trends. Thus in the year 2014, she has joined the Razorfish and from there onwards she began her work as a copywriter. After doing so many things her next plan was to work as a Digital Head and Content Developer. She was so determined as she was involved in different fields as her main motive was to explore something different.

After than she has joined iDiva as a writer and jumped to a fashion editor over there. Most importantly, by taking the support of the platform of iDiva she started creating the videos for their Facebook page. Later on, going with the flow of creating videos she has created the character which she named Billi Masi. From there onwards, she became so popular and people are loving her personality. More importantly, the way she performed on different characters which are very much relatable as they are based on real-life situations which are liked by the audience.

Kusha Kapila Social Media Accounts and channel

Kusha Kapila has gained massive popularity because of her fun-loving personality and by taking the support of social media to know all the updates. She has 2.3 million followers on Instagram

FacebookKusha Kapila
Youtube channelKusha Kapila
Social media Accounts of Kusha Kapila

Kusha Kapila YouTube

In 2011 Kusha Kapila Youtube channel was established and it seems to be the best platform for her to upload funny content videos. She has uploaded her own vlog on the YouTube Channel. Apart from this, she has gained 331k subscribers on her YouTube channel. Kusha is using social media platforms in the best way so that the audience gets entertained in the best way possible.

Kusha Kapila Instagram

More importantly, on the Kusha Kapila Instgram there are 2.3 million followers who are following her as she has the habit to post some funny videos on her account. More importantly, the videos that she uploads got huge love and appreciation from the audience side which matters the most. Besides this, Kusha has also collaborated with celebrities like Priyanka Chopra Jonas for the Instagram videos. She got the huge admiration of playing the role of a fictional character named Monday Aunty on her Instagram videos as her followers are liking them to a great extent.

Kusha Kapila Personal Life

Now, you will learn about Kusha Kapila Personal life as she was married to Zarovar Singh Ahluwalia on 5th May 2017. Further, they both are enjoying their life to the fullest because of the understanding that they have in their relationship. It is very important to be compatible with each other in a relationship. Besides this, they are also becoming each other’s pillar of strength during times of tough situations. More importantly, they both have a good bonding and they have the habit to post funny posts or videos. All their content gets huge love and appreciation from the audience. They all completely enjoy their work and in Kusha Kapila biography this section carries huge significance in its own ways.


Thus Kusha Kapila Biography covers her journey from where she has started and now she becomes a popular star. She has worked in so many different fields and got the right direction for her career. Kusha’s journey is highly motivating as she has gone through a lot but her talent for creating funny videos. Through her skills, she became a Content Queen of Comedy as people are liking the videos created by her. They are loving them at the same time as it is very important for an artist to get love from the audience.

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